Recently I worked with Art Processors to create the “Replay” feature for The State Library of New South Wales’ “Curio” — Essentially, you get to see which exhibits you viewed at the gallery after you’ve left (you’re geotagged through the building as you explore).

One particular part of this build proved difficult, I thought it may be worth sharing — The polygonally (is that a word?) masked images:

To get this effect to work on webkit browsers, I was able to use the proprietary webkit feature: -webkit-mask-image, with an SVG polygon image.

In Firefox (or browsers that actually handle SVG well) — I hand modified the SVG polygon image, adding a clipPath that also contained a copy of the original polygon.

I also added some IDs so that the clipPath and original polygon could be referenced separately, then it was just a matter of changing the CSS so webkit would reference the polygon and Firefox would use the clipPath.

For some extra icing, I added a transition: all .25s so that the mask-size would be animated when changed.

Curio was a blast to put together, I can’t wait to see what ArtPro come up with next time.

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